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Community Tools

By @Kakulukian

OpenCNFT provides data on trends such as traded volumes or wallet holders of CardanoNFT projects in an automated way.

By @jpgstoreNFT

Popular NFT Marketplace for Cardano where you can buy and sell Pavia land.


Cardano NFT Marketplace launched in July 2021.

Muesli Swap
By @MuesliSwapTeam

The original Cardano DEX and the first exchange to list the $PAVIA token.

By @wingriderscom

Cardano Decentralized Exchange.

By @MinswapDEX

Cardano Decentralized Exchange

Sundae Swap
By @SundaeSwap

Cardano Decentralized Exchange

3d Model GLB viewer
By @playcanvas

The pavia viewer allows you to drop a 3d model glb files into a web browser view and obtain key meta data about the file. Important Note: If a model displays in this viewer that does not mean it meets the Pavia Compatible Asset (PCA) guidelines. See our documents section for more info.

Price Checker Tool
By @Tom_Bozik

This price checker tool allows you to search for Pavia.io land parcels within a set budget. You can even enter your wallet address for a more focused search.

3D Map
By @IrishCryptoNoob

A cool 3D view of Pavia.io developed by community member Thomas. It has a simple search function and the code is freely available on GitHub.

Heat Map
By @Lokinou

A great community heat map tool showing the ‘in-demand’ areas of Pavia.io from recent sales and sale distribution data.

Community Hub
By @Pavia_io

Join us in the Pavia.io Community Hub where you can suggest and vote on Pavia Improvement Proposals (PIPs) a forum, Pavia.io support and much more.